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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Babul Chisty Sir
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MD Mahbubul haque Chisty alias Babul Chisty is one of the best social worker in Bangladesh has adopted contemporary concept of management system which ensures working environment that is socially, environmentally and ethically compliant for the workforce. Besides devotion to work, a culture of enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities is clearly evident throughout his company. These programs have generated a sense of goodwill towards fellow employees in essence of promoting a sense of belonging to the BJSL family. He has the vision of conducting business in a social responsible and sustainable way.

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  • Half yearly medical camp in the factory premises.
  • Relief aid in natural disaster.
  • Financial support for all believers in their respective religious festival.
  • Activities to raise fund for the helpless people for their child’s proper education.
  • Patronization of merit.
  • Tour program for executive level.
  • Outdoor and indoor sports.
  • Celebration of wedding and birthday.
  • Observation of 26th March- the great Independence Day and 16th December- the great Victory Day.
  • Iftar party in the holy Ramadan.
  • Mosque for prayer for Muslim community and financial aid for other believers.
  • Dormitory for the stuffs.
  • Transport facilities for the workers and stuff.
  • Skill development program.
  • Environment and eco friendly activities.
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Babul Chisty, the founder of Bakshigonj group is a real hero to fight against poverty and unemployment. He is more a social activist then a businessman. He do businesses and spend it for the sustainable social development. He is doing his social work for long since and as a result he had been awarded SDG in the year 2017 from United Nation for the commitment and active role in promoting corporate social responsibly in achieving the united nations sustainable development goals. He has done a lot of work for his native land Kamalpur and Bakshigonj union in Jamalpur District. Whoever found needy don’t return empty from his door.

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